Episode 11 On Hold Due to Life Happening

Hello everyone. Episode 11 will come out later than I hoped, possibly not until the 3rd Thursday of October. Very busy work weeks and other life events (we're starting the whole home purchasing process...which I would call a "pain" except I'm being so Stoic about it. Ha) have kept me from putting enough effort into the episode. I'm looking forward to getting one or two out prior to Stoic Week however, so I'll jump back into the process as soon as possible.

Thanks for all the kind comments I've been receiving. I'm happy to hear that you're not only enjoying the episodes, but returning to them from time to time. If you enjoy the podcast, feel free to share that fact on Twitter, Facebook, and the like. By the time new listeners have caught up, their will be even more to listen to. Unless they binge listen...the episodes are pretty short after all!

Talk to you soon.