New Book from Stoicism Today

The wonderful blog, Stoicism Today, has published a book of collected Stoic articles. The book covers everything from what Stoicism actually is to how the philosophy is applied in the day to day. My own piece, Praise the Process, was included in the work. Many thanks to the editor, Patrick Ussher, for including me.

Stoicism Today: Selected Writings looks to be an amazing resource for practicing Stoics. It includes some favorite popular authors (Jules Evans and Ryan Holiday come to mind) as well as academic Stoics and laypeople practitioners. I'm excited to have a resource that covers a wide range of topics concerning Stoic practice in the modern context!

The book is available in ebook and paper format. So for as little as five dollars you can have a worthwhile addition to your Stoic library. The proceeds go to fund future Stoicism Today projects such as the upcoming Stoic Week (Nov 24th-30th). I believe this is the third annual event? So go download the book and maybe write a nice review if you like it. Help Stoicism Today tell the world about well, stoicism today.


Stoicism Today: Selected Writings