Episode 17: The Stoic Fool

In Episode 17 I talk about what it means to be a Stoic fool. I consider this to be a companion piece to Episode 16: Progress. I think now that I’ve tackled the end product of Stoicism from two angles, I’ll be able to return to more day-to-day issues in the future. This episode’s questions:

  • Why would practitioners of a wisdom philosophy be considered foolish?

  • What benefit is there to being foolish in the Stoic way?

  • How can I be certain I'm being Stoically foolish and not generally foolish?

Also, you can pre-order my new book, The Beginner’s Guide to Stoicism: Tools for Emotional Resilience & Positivity, here.

Good Fortune has a new RSS feed

Good Fortune is now hosted through Soundcloud. This has fixed the RSS issue that kicked me off iTunes among other podcatchers. I am looking into a way of seamlessly adjusting this site's feed to the new one, but I suggest heading directly to Soundcloud and getting the feed from there. I will still be posting new episodes on this site, of course (and yes, new ones are on the way). I just wanted to let you know what's up.

Also, since Good Fortune is now "new" on iTunes, all past reviews have been wiped out. If you are willing to go over and leave a review, you'd be doing a lot to let others know about the podcast.