Upcoming Episodes: The Tablet of Cebes

In the coming weeks, I will begin a three part Good Fortune podcast series based on the Tablet of Cebes. I was first introduced to the Tablet's story through Keith Seddon's wonderful book, Epictetus’ Handbook and the Tablet of Cebes: Guides to Stoic Living. It's my hope that the imagery found in this ancient story will help us picture the Stoic life and live it out more fully.

The Good Fortune Handbook: a Stoic ebook

It's here! The Good Fortune Handbook consists of the transcripts of thirteen Good Fortune podcast episodes along with additional posts of the past five years from the website, Immoderate Stoic. Whether you read it cover to cover, or use the helpful appendixes to jump to specific questions about Stoic practice, this handbook is a useful companion on your Stoic journey.