After Stoic Week...a Stoic Life?

I hope you were as invigorated by Stoic Week as I was. It was a wonderful reminder that consistent practice of Stoic techniques leads to a contented and joyful life. In particular, I have a renewed respect for the necessity of a daily routine that includes reflection and meditation.

So what now? 

Well, for those of us who already consider ourselves practicing Stoics, it's more of the same. I hope we work to be better Stoics and, perhaps, also take advantage of the community that's built up around Stoic Week.

For newcomers to Stoicism, hold onto that Stoic Week Guide! I'd suggest reviewing it often, it's a great primer. In the back, you'll find a list of books and other helpful things to get you moving along the stoic path. I have a similar list on my Resources page. 

Beyond that, practice Stoic triage daily. By which I mean, ask of everything, "is this in my control or outside of my control?" If a situation is outside of your control, don't worry about it. Instead, apply your energy towards those things that are in your control, your attitude, your actions, etc... Building up a continual mindfulness concerning what is and is not within your control is fundamental to our philosophy. Practice, practice, practice.

Lastly, you'll find that I've categorized a number of articles on this site. I've by no means covered the whole of Stoic philosophy, but I hope that there are a few tidbits there that you'll find helpful. Unfortunately I can no longer wish you a stoic Stoic Week, so instead I'll wish you good fortune!