Stoic Week Supplemental

The 3rd Annual Stoic Week is here and I hope you are as excited as I am to participate! Oh, wait. I mean I expect we are all cool, calm, collected, and willing to take part in Stoic Week, fate willing.

I've just completed a review of this site, looking for articles that apply to each of the week's topics. The outstanding Stoic 2014 Handbook already provides a lot to chew on, but if you find yourself wanting additional material to keep your day focused on the topic at hand, I hope these resources are helpful.

Also, if you want to discuss the week with me, feel free to comment on this site or on the Immoderate Stoic Facebook page. 

Central Stoic Ideas

Stoic Week: Your Daily Routine

Monday: What is in Our Power?

Tuesday: Stoic Mindfulness

Wednesday: Self-Discipline and Stoic Simplicity

  • Seems that the Immoderate Stoic doesn't have much to say about self-discipline. Imagine that!

Thursday: Virtue and Relationships with Others

Friday: Action and the Stoic Reserve Clause

Saturday: Preparation for Adversity

Sunday: The View from Above