How to Talk and Shut Up on the Internet

Have you read Leigh Alexander's piece on "Dos and Don'ts to Combat Online Sexism"? I highly recommend it. She isn't covering new ground. The advice and explanations that are offered can be found in the myriad of similar articles that exist. Alexander's piece is simply a great example of the form. Clear. Understandable. Fairly comprehensive. I wanted to post it days ago.

Why did I wait? Because there is so much to say about how to talk like a Stoic. There may be even more to say about how to shut up like a Stoic! I attempted to write a piece on the subject, but it grew monstrously large and I have yet to tame it. So while I work on that, I ask that you read Alexander's article. Her piece considers conversations about sexism, but the points can be applied to any topic in a multitude of forums. I agree with them. I believe Stoicism agrees. In short, the ancient Stoics recognized that discussions require a proper time, a proper place, and a proper relationship, if they are to be considered useful. Alexander's article reminds us to listen, learn, and to bring challenges to our own communities, not to those who we're peering in on.