Back in Business

Did you notice my holiday break went a little long? After holiday travel, my family spent January preparing to move into a new home and February actually moving. It was hard to justify spending time on the blog and podcast when my wife and daughter were living out of boxes so  my spare time has gone towards home improvement. That said, we're much more settled now and I'm ready to start 2016.

First, a new episode of Painted Porch is out today. Episode 15 continues the experimentation with a shorter format, as explained by Mark in 14. If you really miss my voice, give it a listen.

Good Fortune's first 2016 episode will come out March 4th and then I'm sticking to the the 1st/3rd Friday schedule as best I can.

There is now a Good Fortune Transcripts page. It's my hope that decoupling the transcript from the RSS feed will allow the feed to work properly. If your podcast reader still doesn't see Episode 11, let me know!

I'm glad to be back and looking forward to writing and speaking about Stoicism again.