Superstruct: Join Me in Creating the Future

Superstruct is the world's first massively multiplayer forecasting game. Developed by Institute For the Future, Superstruct projects a future (2019) when multiple crises are beginning to harm the globe. Players are asked to develop solutions in order to prevent the potential extinction of humankind. Superstruct is running for six weeks.

This project is interesting for multiple reasons. First, as a means for advocating a long term mindset, it is top notch. The interactive aspects of Superstruct do a better job of presenting the human consequences of global change than most of my International Security professors who are teaching courses on the subject. Second, and most promising, this game harnesses the creativity of the player community. It makes brainstorming fun and rewarding.

My idea of the day: I want a Schoolhouse Rocks version of this game. Specifically, I'm Just a Bill. Present the difficulties of governance in a compelling way and make developing solutions engaging. Then get actual Congresspeople to sponsor the solutions.

Alright, off to play Superstruct.